Delay snapshots

Components sometimes trigger custom interactions on render. For example, JavaScript-driven animations that cannot otherwise be disabled or third-party functionality outside of your control.

You can delay capture for a fixed time to allow your story to get into the intended state. Using delay requires Storybook 4.0 or later.

Delay a story

Use story-level delay to ensure a minimum amount of time (in milliseconds) has passed before Chromatic takes a screenshot.

storiesOf('MyComponent', module).add('story', () => <MyComponent with="props" />, {
  chromatic: { delay: 300 },

This technique is intended for interactions and animations that end after a certain period of time (e.g., “animate in”). If your animation is continuous and you cannot disable it, you may need to use an ignore region to stop Chromatic from considering such parts of your component.

Delay all stories of a component

Chromatic uses Storybook’s built in parameter API to make it straightforward to set delay on a group of stories:

storiesOf('MyComponent', module)
    chromatic: { delay: 300 },
  .add('story', () => <MyComponent with="props" />);
  .add('second story', () => <MyComponent with="other-props" />);


How long can I set delay?

The maximum time for snapshot capture is 15s. Your story should finish loading resources and be ready to capture in 15s.